Hi, I'm Jonathan 😊

I create software solutions

I'm a software developer experienced in automation, web apps, and distributed web systems. I build solutions using technology with a overarching drive to get things done. I've worked on identity and access management, large scale cloud apps, enterprise analytics in the browser, and product vision. Good software is more about people and problems than technology.

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Here's some of my side projects

When implementing and testing a time base one time password system I could not find a suitable generator that was easy create new tokens without long term registration of secrets leading me to write a simple 100% client side TOTP generator.

Following the RFC 6238 default recommended settings with the ability to set the OTP length, window, and secret formatting I wrote a small web app that generates an OTP for testing. In addition I added a QR code that uses the TOTP URI standard so these tokens can be scanned into third party TOTP generators.

Fuzzy searching is everywhere, Windows has recently widely adopted it, MacOS has had it for a while, and, well, Linux has had it for a decade. Though well tailored fuzzy searching on web applications is more uncommon than it should be.

With this inspiration I made a fuzzy searching UI component for web applications that can easily be implemented with custom styles on most web frameworks.