Review: The Long Game

Books, Entrepreneurship

I recently finished reading The Long Game by Dorie Clark and I wanted to share some thoughts about it. Dorie’s got a pretty impressive resume and it’s clear she knows what she’s talking about. The book’s core idea is about embracing the long-term and making plans not just for the now, but for way down the road. As a software guy who tries to plan ahead (not always successfully), I really liked the concept.

The book talks a lot about being patient and making strategic moves. In the tech world, it’s easy to want quick results, but Dorie reminds us that some things need to percolate. She also talks about keeping an eye on the big picture, which is super important whether you're coding or leading projects.

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However, I gotta say, the book felt a bit like Dorie was sharing a lot of her own wins. It’s cool to hear about her successes, but sometimes, I wished for more “how-to” bits that relate to more introverted folks like me. Also, a lot of the advice seemed like stuff many of us might already know—like keep learning, stay patient, and build good habits. Not exactly new, but good reminders nonetheless.

For anyone new to setting long-term goals or if you find yourself just sprinting from one deadline to the next without looking up, this book might open your eyes a bit. But if you’re looking for some deep, never-heard-before secrets or perspective to success, this might not hit the mark.

Overall, it’s a solid read, especially if you need a little push to start thinking about the long haul. Not a must-read, but definitely a should-try if you’re into getting a bit better at this whole planning thing.