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Year in Review 2018
Dec 24, 2018
2 minutes read

2018 was a year of figuring out what I wanted and was willing to work for.

After shutting down GeoIPMap early in 2018 I stopped working on side projects and my entrepreneurship dreams.

From late January I trained for my third marathon which was the BMO Vancouver marathon in May. 5 days a week, minimum 1 hour runs, for a minimum of 30km / week up to 80km at the highest. Training didn’t go well.

The marathon went terribly, I started feeling nauseous at 17km, the world start to spin at kilometer 37. I finished 45 minutes slower than I planned. In my eyes this wasn’t success.

I failed the marathon because I failed the training. My heart wasn’t in it and I wasn’t motivated to give it my all.

Committing to a cause is key to success.

After the marathon I was more motivated than ever. I adjusted my focus around learning and experimenting on my own. And reassured myself; I love making things.

I did my first live stream building a bot for the MegaMaker Club to create our weekly “what are you working on this week” posts and a corresponding message to the clubs slack channel.

I jumped on camera and solved problems in public. This was a bit scary at first but the few people who jumped in were very supportive. This was incredibly motivating and I’m looking forward to doing more live streams in 2019.

Doing things in public was somewhat motivated by many of the conferences I attended this year, I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the Open Stack summit from my employer. I self-funded attending Go Northwest 2018 which was an awesome with some great talks! Finally I attended KubeCon 2018.

KubeCon was an amazing experience I met some of famous people in the industry. All of which were very kind and encouraging when I shared some of my career goals. The Kubernetes community is tightnit and incredibly supportive.

Community has been a big motivator this year. Between the MegaMaker Club, merging my first contributions to Kubernetes, and attending conferences I have gained significant confidence in my ability to contribute and be valued. Getting over some pretty ingrained imposters syndrome.

In 2019

I’m looking forward to contributing more to communities that I’m apart of. I look forward to learning in public and giving more talks internally and maybe even externally (that’s still a bit scary ;P ).

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