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Year in Review 2019
Dec 19, 2019
4 minutes read

2019 had me in the first half but turned out pretty darn good over all. Here’s what happened.

Entering the year with a truckload of entrepreneurial spirit, I started working on multiple projects at break neck speeds. Things had almost stopped moving by March and were completely shutdown by April. I was “working” on these projects, which really means I’d come home from work and play video games until I went to bed every night.

In May I truly understood the level burnout when I was struck by paralizing anxiety while backpacking with my girlfriend in Europe. I couldn’t focus, or enjoy anything. It was miserable. I’m so lucky to have someone who understood (maybe she saw it coming :P) to support me. We ended up having an absolutely blast.

While in Europe I was contacted by a DigitalOcean recruiter who I’d spoken to before. They had a new team they thought I may be a good fit for. I started interviewing the week I returned and sure enough ended up accepting a position in late June working on the upcomming PaaS offering starting in July.

Starting at DigitalOcean new wind in my sails. I was burnt out and unenthused by my previous project and company. Working remote, on a full remote team was a new exciting experience. My performance vastly improved than open offices. It may not be for everyone but it suits me like a glove.

Most importantly, I asked my girlfriend Lauren to marry me (she said yes)!

Yes Engagement Ring

Some things I’ve started this year:

Working out with a personal trainer. Anxiety, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle were not working for me. I struggle with some injuries and muscle imbalances from marathon running. I’m investing in a personal trainer to help me recover my body without overloading my mind with how it’s going.

Speaking of food. Food is my safe place. In almost any emotional state my default is more, shitty food. I’ve started working with my trainer on meal prepping and introducing some healthy prepped food. Currently my lunches are planned for the week. So far this has been wonderful and removed a lot of stress from my day to day. I’m hoping to meal prep most of my dinners in 2020 as well.

Meditation. I clocked in just over 1,000 minutes of meditation this year. I use the Headspace app. I use it when I’m anxious, stressed, can’t sleep, you name it. I try to work it into my routine daily.

Maintaining (some) relationships. I have lots of friends, I’m eternally grateful for them and I’m so lucky. As I’ve gotten older relationships require more and more energy. This year I reduced the energy I was investing in relationships that did not have a positive impact on me. Not to say those people are great humans, I didn’t have the bandwidth to keep up with them.

Some things I’d like to accomplish this coming year:

I would like to launch a side hustle. I strive for creative control. While I love my job, I’d like an outlet on the side that is completely mine. I have a few ideas, but I’m not putting hard pressure on any of those, my health and day job come first.

Real more non-fiction. I read fiction books every night before bed. I want to spend more time reading. I want to read interesting books that aren’t necessarily self help books but interesting perspectives on life. Please send me recommendations.

I need to lose some weight. My poor eating and lack of exercise has a steady gain in my weight. I want to live a long time and feel good. Gotta drop some of this. The food and exercise should help with this.

To conclude this post:

2019 was a holistic eye opener. I’m in a waaay better spot than I was a year ago. I’m looking forward to this new pace I’m approaching life with. I think 2020 (I will turn 30) will be an amazing year!

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